Archery Lessons

Our beginners course is back due to popular demand – Current Avilability for 202

10/09/2022 – 01/10/2022

  • Lesson 1  10/09/2022
  • Lesson 2  17/09/2022
  • Lesson 3  24/09/2022
  • Lesson 4  01/10/2022

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Warrington Sports Club Archery Beginners Handbook 

Hello and welcome to W.S.C Archery where drinking tea has never been such fun. All beginners to archery must take a four week starter course; all equipment needed on the course will be supplied by the archery club. To find your dominant eye. 1. Pick an object 8-10 feet away …anything will do2. with your arms lowered cross the fingers and thumbs to create an opening about 2 inches in diameter.3. Keep looking at the object and bring your hands to your face they will go to your dominate eye. That means the hand that draws the string is the same as the dominate eye right eye right hand left eye left hand. Use lighter weight equipment. If at all possible use a bow with a lighter draw weight when you start i.e. male 18+ 12- 25 lbs female 18+ 10-20 lbs   To make learning easier by using a light draw weight bow for your first session and until you are consistent and grouping well. As you will be spending only a relatively short period at this weight (a couple of months or so) The beginners will start the four weeks course on the recurve bow and will get the chance to try a compound later on the course. 


The safety rules of archery Bow allocation Sign in book Introduction to other members Archery etiquette Shooting posture. SHOOTING POSTURE.   This is first of two cornerstones of successful shooting. Both need to be set initially and kept in position through the shot there are two parts to shooting posture. General body position in general the body is straight above the feet with no leaning in any direction. The feet are shoulder width apart this should make standing comfortable and natural. The knees are relaxed  not locked back In the beginning the feet are in a square stance with the hips over the feet and the shoulders over the hips Once positioned keep the feet set until you are through shooting. At this point having one foot in front of the other will miss-align the body. 


Learn to set up the range Range safety Range etiquette Begin to shoot freestyle (with sight) SAFETY   Safety is important in all aspects of archery .safety can be grouped into two catorgories. Safety with your equipment Safety on the shooting range Equipment safety includes both handling the equipment and what to look for when equipment since there is some possibility of damage either through abuse or defect. Range safety is mostly commonsense and awareness of the surroundings. SAFETY ON THE RANGE     For your own and other’s safety make sure you follow these safety rules Shoot only on a designated range. Never draw a bow, even without an arrow, except when facing the target standing on the shooting line Never aim a bow anywhere except at the target Never start shooting unless the field captain / coach approves (whistle) Immediate compliance with the word “FAST”. It can be shouted by any archer who sees any sign of danger. As soon as you hear the word “FAST” stop shooting at once, bring your bow down and return the arrow to the quiver Never go in front of the shooting line until the field captain / coach approves (whistle) Never run, always walk towards the target. Look at the ground so as not to walk into or tread on any arrows that may have fallen short Never stand behind an archer who is pulling arrows out of a target you may get an arrow nock in the face  Never let go of a drawn bow without an arrow in it (dry shot). The energy that usually causes an arrow to fly can seriously damage the limbs of a bow and cause personal injury.   Archery Etiquette   The following are the rules of Etiquette from the GNAS Rules of Shooting. Please try to observe them at all times: Does not talk in a loud voice whilst others are shooting Does not talk to another competitor who obviously prefers to remain silent Does not make any exclamation on the shooting line which might disconcert a neighbour in the act of shooting Does not go behind the target to retrieve his arrows before his score has been recorded Does not walk up and down the shooting line comparing scores Does not touch anyone else’s equipment without permission Does not leave litter When calling scores does so in groups of three, for example ‘7-7-5’ pause ‘5-5-3’ If he breaks another’s arrow through his own carelessness, pays for it in cash on the spot Thanks the Target Captain at the end of each round for work in his behalf   Always step back from the shooting line once you have finished shooting your arrows.  WHISTLE COMMANDS: Remain behind the waiting line until your hear 2 whistles. Archer’s should be prepared to step onto the line with bows, tabs, and sling. One blast- come onto the shooting line prepared with all equipment, straddle the shooting line Two Blast- Keep your arrows in your quiver until you hear one whistle or “begin shooting” (When all arrows are fired, step off shooting line, Return bow to bow rack and wait for next whistle command.) Three Blasts- “Walk forward to get your arrows” Five or more Blasts- “STOP SHOOTING” 


Set up the range and your bow. Continue to shoot –freestyle (with sight). Set up the range and your bow. Introduction to scoring both imperial and metric Continue to shoot –freestyle (with sight) Take down range and your bow.   Scoring The target contains five coloured circles: yellow (called the gold NOT THE BULL’S EYE), red, and blue, black and white. These score 9, 7, 5, 3 and 1 points respectively for traditional Imperial or GNAS rounds. For FITA or Metric rounds each coloured band is sub-divided giving a total of ten rings which score 10 points at the inner gold down to 1 point at the outer white. For the metric rounds. Arrows are shot and scored in groups of three or six (known as rounds being shot.Note that imperial scoring only uses the five main colour rings 


Set up the range and your bow. Continue to shoot freestyle (with sight) and score. Take down the range and your bow.  Set up the target Set up your bow Continue to shoot freestyle (with sight) and score Safety on the range.