Welcome to Warrington Archers

Many people think archery is going to be easy and are often shocked at how much there is to learn .saying that once you have the basics mastered the rest is just fine –tuning. Archery is a great sport for both adults and children, which makes it perfect for families to enjoy together We are a group of enthusiastic and dedicated archers our aim is to encourage more people young and old into our sport and to help them to achieve whatever level they desire we have a solid core of coaching knowledge to help archers progress.

Our resident Toxopholites are a relaxed and very friendly bunch who lose their shafts Saturday and Sunday Morning’s all year round plus Wednesday evenings in summer. Archery is one of the few sports that can be enjoyed from a young age with little fall off in performance well into the 60’s and possibly 70’s. The limiting factor for young Archers is not age, but size. Young people may get frustrated when they cannot reach some of the targets at the longer distances. Hence young people need to be able to pull back a bow of about 12 -15 pounds (5-7Kgs) to achieve some useful arrow flight.


  This friendly crowd actively encourage new members from all walks of life to join, and provide coaching and equipment. Because of the sports nature training is essential and consists of about 6 sessions of about 2 hours; usually Saturday mornings. Age is absolutely no barrier of attaining a reasonable standard and hence deriving a great deal of satisfaction from one of our nations’ oldest sports. We use all types of bows; Classic Recurve, powerful Compounds and traditional Longbows; one of our members, Sean, makes his own. The “gossip” of Archers (compound noun for a group of archers) have a very active social  “Technical Discussions” take place on Thursday evenings in the club bar and the debate is catholic in content and not limited to longbows and the French making a mess of things at Agincourt and Crecy.   If you would like to join our group, or just watch us shooting for an hour or so, please venture to the Sports Club on a Saturday or Sunday morning 10-12ish to meet us. It’s an unstressful, quiet, and thoroughly enjoyable way of spending a few hours every week in fresh air surrounded by mature Oak, Beech and Ash trees, away from modern “conveniences”. .  We are an open and democratic club where all members are welcome and encouraged to attend and participate in all club meetings ,day to day affairs are handled by the chairman secretary and treasurer who are required to report regularly to the members.